You once asked me a question and right here I answer it…

Yes, I’m in love with the idea of you
How come? I never thought it through.
With you it could be so easy,
I know right, I really sound cheesy.

These are words from the bottom of my heart
To pour it out in the form of art.
Like a heavy knot, it lays in my chest
With that there I find no rest.

Writing this I look to find my peace
Praying that the pain will cease.
Only I knew that you were the last one in my basket,
And now it is nothing but only a casket.

This only holds dead hopes and dreams
The situation is much deeper than it seems.
Very precious time we had has been wasted
Over emotions such as anger, jealousy – all so complicated.

Once we got over those unnecessary feelings,
Man we got caught up in some really really deep things.
Had only one time to get to know the real you
Understand who you are and know all your personal views

But there on that bed that morning you lay
Looking from me for something to say
Until that moment I had never thought it through
I really loved nothing but the idea of you.

– Edith B.



© 2016 Modestly E. All Rights Reserved.


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