The lyrics in this song ,written by an African artist called Efya, are beautiful! The rhythm is amazing! Such a beautiful tune that all must listen to on Day 1 of Black History Month. Click on the picture to go hear it.


Tryin’ a tell a story
Listen to my story

24 years
Ready, yes prepared
Wasn’t always easy
Look at me now I’m here
Breaking all the rules
Soul inspired music
Going deep down in your system
gonna abuse it

Can you here me yeah
Listen to me clearly
Breaking it down for you
So sometime of you air please
Comes on within
Yes I believe!
That you will achieve
If you should perceive
All of the things that you want
Wait a minute, Stop! ×2
Take a minute please
Wait a minute, Stop!
When you did not stop!
It takes sometime to get to the top
Make up your mind
To never ever stop
No one said it’ll be easy
But this how I’m living
Making them music for the old for the living

This is my life
What more can I say
This is my life
Tryin’ a make a way
This is my life
Won’t stop today
This is my life
It’s the only way

Yeah, mama was right
Listen to your heart
She will say every night
When I used to dream of being me
Taking my music that rescued me
In my nightmares
I do this for the music
That li la la li
That makes you wanna boogie
The highs and the lows
Say Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol
African music, up-rising music
Classical music, passionate music
Old timers  music, young lover’s  music
The music in me
Beating drums to the rythms of life
Everyday, after day
Didn’t know how I’ll do without
The music today.



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