In the middle of an empty parking lot I stand
Strong winds blowing
Light flakes falling
Confused,cold and tired is what I really am
No amount of coffee can help fix the matter
But the heat that it gives does minutely satisfies ones soul
Decisions to make and decisions have been made
Yet no one resolution is easily obtained.
The Strong winds are blowing
The Light flakes are falling
A coffee is all I have to really keep things going
Watching people go left, right and about
But not a soul can recognize another soul here in need
In need of a true friend indeed
To give more than this coffee and somehow plant a good seed.
However These strong winds are honestly really blowing
And These light flakes are increasingly falling
And One can only take a limited amount of this cold
It is not like I haven’t tried
To what I call home is where I will go
Perhaps another cup of coffee will finally show a way.

-Edith B.




© 2017 Modestly E. All Rights Reserved.


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