Bored in the midst of the silence
Working here makes me feel so dense
Adding a weird feeling –  a loss of sense
For seven hours I feel like I’ve gone numb
Not even a minute to sing or hum
But many hours to sit here like a bum
Yet I will return for the incoming dough
Because in life it helps me flow
Like everyone or even better though!
So call me a hustler
Because no degree yet i’m a broker
making money to each ringer
Bored I am
but  broke I was!


20733061_1042021659234074_13060605_n  It’s not hard to believe that I wrote this silly poem at work. I was really bored and it came out of no where but as I said no matter how bad you’re job is, keep it until God provides better. The fact that you stayed in a job you hate to reach your dreams and goals makes you a hustler. Stay motivated on the mountain top and in the ditch.  –  Helene



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