rtbiay 2018Failed resolutions after failed resolutions – in 2018, we will not repeat the same! Many resolutions will be made by everyone but I believe one centering Christ in our life is most important. That is why I have decided to start this weekly blog where we grow in Christ together. Essentially we will end up reading the Bible together by the end of the year. We will not only simply read it but we will dissect it and study it. I by no means am a pastor, or a preacher or have even gone to Bible school. I have never even read the Bible from cover to cover in my whole life. So this will be an interesting journey and I invite you along. Do not be afraid to ask questions or comment. Through this we will definitely grow together. Our journeys and experiences are different so we hear the Word and understand it differently. Hence, do not be afraid to share. The Bible has all the answers to our problems in life so my dear readers, let’s dig in!

The process

We should start with a little prayer before reading the scripture and then dig in. Essentially how we can do this is have a book dedicated to this course or blog series I will call it. As you are reading the designated scripture for the week, jot down all your thoughts, questions and concerns. Sit down and meditate upon what you have read. When I say meditate I mean to say ponder over the matter in quietness and without any distractions. Once again jot down whatsoever you were inspired by. Find a way to literally apply it to your life. Pray over it and put the Word of God to action in your life.  Simple enough right?

Don’t forget to also share with me what you have learnt as I also share with you what I have learnt!  – Edith




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