Hey guys! I have finally completed Week 1 of our readings. How did it go for you? It took longer than it should, but I will be right back on schedule as I am committed to growing in the Word with you guys! It was a challenge for me, but it is a habit that needs to be built.

As I was reading Genesis 1 – 28 several things were bouncing in my head as I highlighted verses that stood out and spoke to me. In this post I would like to explore one verse that particularly stayed on my mind – Genesis 16:13. I highlighted “You are the God who sees me”. There was a problem and God resolved the problem. Let’s get into it!


Remember when Hagar was running away from Sarai because she was being maltreated when the Lord appeared to her and gave her a glimpse of the baby’s future?  Essentially God gave her hope by letting her know that He was present in the situation. The phrase – you are the God who sees me, speaks to me on so many levels. It gives me both hope and odd to say it disciplines me as well. I came to realize that – and it is not like this is new to me, but it reminded me – whether we’re in a good or bad situation God sees it all. Whether we’re holy or sinful He sees it all. There is nothing we do as beings that is secretive from Him. He is constantly present in our lives looking over us. He is the God who sees us through it all. Doesn’t that just nudge you in a way to do what is right only? It sure does in me! It is like that feeling you get when you think of your mom being hurt by seeing you do exactly what she said not to. Yea, that one! Not such a good feeling eh? Doesn’t it reassure you that any wrong done to you or in this world has not gone unseen?  The verse really gives me patience and hope that God is watching and working all things together for each individual’s good. Doesn’t that statement make you feel that we are not actually abandoned? It sure gave me comfort to know that He sees it all.  He is the same God through out time. He has been the same yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow. Hence God is constantly watching us and everything going on in our lives, hearts, and minds as the individuals we are. That translates to God cares about us and is actually interested in us.

We catch the lonely-bug sometimes or even stay crippled by its bite. The lonely-bug is when you feel like no one really cares about you, but you are surrounded by many people all asking how are you doing? It is when you start thinking I have no purpose here as I am not needed by anybody. We spend so much time fighting this lonely-bug when the key to it is in the Bible. He is the God that sees us, that watches us and that is interested in us. Knowing, understanding, and believing that He cares can have a significant impact on your heart and the way the lonely-bug affects you.  You may catch the bug but it won’t stay forever when you remember who you have backing you up in this world.  You know something I would say it’s like that feeling you have when you know your crush is constantly on your side and watching you. You get a little edge to stay on top of things, be the best version of you and is constantly on a high when you catch him looking at you. It is the same thing with God. The love of your life is looking at you constantly and you do not dare disappoint because one day it will definitely be you and Him with all the promises He has promised us. Let us continue reading His love letter to us this year!



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