Hooray for Week 2 of our readings! Better late than to have not have done it at all. I will be better at this, but you my readers do keep me reading. All the while I am learning, exploring, and being fascinated by what I read. I have read Genesis several times because for the past 2 years I have attempted to do this and failed each time in mid-April. However, every time I read Genesis again I learn something new and that is the beauty of the Bible. So I’ve heard. Every single time I read it, it translates to a deeper message than the last time. Comment your experiences below. Does this happen to you as well?
In this week’s readings from Genesis 29 – Exodus 6 we see the story of the Israelite unfold and we learn of God being quite humane in his interactions with mankind. I zoomed in on Joseph and noticed in Genesis 39:21 that despite his situation God remained with him. That would imply that God leaves us and raises the question- Why does God leave us? More personally phrased, what can I do for God to leave me? I thought his love was unconditional and I was just starting to read his love letter to me. If you want to know what love letter of His I am referring to just check it out here (The Lonely Bug). However, I’ve noticed he has somehow stated that he can leave me when I thought he loved me. So why would God do that?

Prior to this verse we read that Joseph was given an opportunity to enjoy one of the renowned woman in Egypt at that time. But Joseph saw that this was not fit to do as a man who respected his relationship with God. In that light he ran away from the opportunity to destroy his most valued relationship. Meaning if he had fornicated and upset God, God would leave him. Fair enough! I would do the same thing too. If a friend or a spouse who knew exactly what my no-noes were and still did it, I would wave goodbye and dip until they had shown that they were remorseful of what they did. That is why that was stated there in Genesis 39:21. We are created in God’s image and the way we feel is the same way He feels as well.  If He doesn’t like it, He doesn’t want to be around it and I am sure this applies to you as well.

Architecture Building Daylight Environment Family Free PhotoWhat does this tell us? Well, first let us not upset God with our lives. Let us live a life worthy of Him staying around us because without God in our lives the smallest of this world’s storms will literally kill us. It doesn’t even have to be a storm to kill us – seriously! We need God daily, in everything we do and in every step that we take. It is one thing for Him to see everything that goes on and it is another thing for him to come down and be with us by our side through it all.

The take home message here is it’s better to be on God’s good side than to be on his bad. Joseph with God on his side still rose up though he was in the worst of conditions. Everywhere he went Joseph was the head and never the tail. I think I need some of that in my life!



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