mirasa_blue_8_main_sq_gy_1200x1200      STEVEMADDEN-DRESS_HEIDY_TAN-NUBUCK      ulyssia_yellow-orange_65_main_sq_gy_800x800      download
Mirasa – Aldo                  Heidi – Steve M.           Ulyssia – Aldo                 Puma Fierce Rope
– Footlocker

christianlouboutin-iriza-3170528_M908_1_1200x1200_1511946232      izabela_red_62_main_sq_gy_1200x1200     1_143120_ZM      STEVEMADDEN-DRESS_PAMPERED_GREY-NUBUCK_SIDE
Iriza – Louboutin           Izabella – Aldo                All Star Mouse               Pampered – Steve M.
– Little Burgundy

1_143278_ZM      villarosa_pink-purple_54_main_sq_gy_1200x1200      1_143330_ZM   sm
One Star Plush                Villarosa – Aldo             All Star Dainty              Taffie – Steve M.
Suede Dusk                                                                  Craft SL
– Little Burgundy                                                        – Little Burgundy

I looove my shoes guys!
You can never have too many shoes! Never ever! 
If it looks like you do then you need to just get more space for them – simply put.
You are always going to need more and that is why I have  compiled my current payday wish list. With a cheque no where in sight, I still try to collect my coins and add more shoes to the ones I already have. One day I will have a room just for my babies!
Shop my payday wish list by clicking on the item of your choice and hopefully you can add them to your wishlist as well. I’m also noticing that i’m currently obsessed with these pastel colors. What are you currently obsessing? 

– Modestly E



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