Week 3 guys! It is much delayed but we’ll keep the wheels rolling! This week’s readings were from Exodus 3 to Exodus 36. Here we read about Moses meeting God for the first time. Then he is sent on a difficult task that he basically finds every excuse to not go and do. Finally he takes on the role he has been assigned and gets the job done! As I read this, what dawned on me is every skill, gift and task that is ever given to us is from God.

77e171de7832bcbd85c759721fb8fdb3.pngIn Exodus 31: 1- 5 and throughout Exodus 35 we learn God is the giver of skills. We are all so skilled differently and that is why the world is as it is in 2018. All these innovations, technology and inventions is given to us by God. Though we try to omit Him out of our life, the very reason why we are so happy and blessed is due to what God has first blessed us with. Nothing good can be done without God.

Read that last statement again but slower – nothing good can be done without God. This phrase and statement though very basic and fundamental still blows my mind away. It is a fact that we forget as we live life. We easily thank our hard work to be the reason of all the good in our life. I know that I am quick to praise myself when I have succeeded and don’t take a second to give all thanks and glory to God. We all praise ourselves  first for being successful in what we do. Yet we forget that nothing good can be done without God. This means everything and anything good in our lives is from God.

d4b0146951c8a1d51c00ea5b4442cccc.png Do you remember this when you wake up in the morning?  Do you remember this when you give your hard earned money to the waiter at your fave restaurant after you have enjoyed once again another amazing meal? Do you remember this when you hit the gas on your way to work?

Every reading in the Bible is an eye opener for me and I hope it is for you to. This week I challenge you to remember God in every breath that you take and every step that you make. Remember that everything good is from God. This way we can give God his due respect, praise and attention.
Our life is good because God has given us a good life; show a little appreciation!



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