This week’s readings were from Exodus 37 to Leviticus 24. This wasn’t an easy read and there was a lot of repetition which made it even more difficult. However, we made it through! Through the whole struggle, I was able to learn something new about God and his relationship with us.

We always hear that God is patient and He is kind. So we  forget that God also is serious and He means what He says. By reading these couple of chapters I realized so even more. Though He loved his people God was quick to cut them off for being disobedient. Right at the beginning of his relationship with His chosen people, God lays out what He likes and dislikes and how their relationship can flourish. Some of those rules are actually some rules that we still follow today as moral people.


But there are some things that have become so mainstream that you don’t even question it to be right or wrong. One of these things I will will be discussing today is tattoos.  I can’t stand or sit here and tell you that tattoos are wrong or right. What I can say is pray before you decide to get one and really ask God if this is something He wants or doesn’t want for you. Each individual has a unique relationship with God and topics that are in grey areas needs divine direction from God. There are people who will fight so hard to say that there is nothing wrong with tattoos and there are others who would fight for the opposite but both are Christians. So what do you say?

Leviticus 19:28 says Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord. 

Personally, I say there is a reason for everything in the Bible. Though this the old testament, He is the same God yesterday, today and forevermore. If He did not like tattoos then would God like them today? The old testament though it is old still reflects an image of God, who He is, how He is and what He likes or dislikes. I don’t think the book can be thrown out completely because it is old and we’re in with the new.

If you remain conflicted, look at the relationship you have with God. Talk to Him and see where He stands on this with you specifically.  Remember that God is loving and gracious, He is also true to himself  and doesn’t change as times change.  Speak to Him in prayer and see where He stands! You do not want to be on the wrong side of His. Mistakes with God is no joking matter.





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