Payday Wishlist – Shoes
mirasa_blue_8_main_sq_gy_1200x1200Jan 25, 2017 

I looove my shoes guys! You can never have too many shoes! Never ever! If it looks like you do then you need to just get more space for them … Read more


DodgeBow – Try It Out

1May 23, 2017
If you have not heard about this place then you have not been on top of trending activities. DodgeBow also known as Archery Combat is the childhood fave game – dodge ball, with a twist to it.  Instead of playing with balls you are playing with bows and arrows. How cool is that! Don’t worry, it is not painful at all… Read more 

25 Things to Say at 25

I’m officially old they tell me. I officially am to have my life together. I officially have to bear some wisdom. But of course after 25 years of living I have some little wisdom about life and I am willing to share this with the world. You might not listen to what your mom has to say or your brother, sister, father even your best friend ; but you might just listen to me … Read more



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