Reflecting and Planning 2018


It is literally the last days of 2017 and we never could have been certain that we would make it to this day. Yet here we are! Are we not grateful? We are closing off another year of our life and stepping into a new one. However, once again we do not know where the new year will lead us to. Regardless we plan for it and pray for the best. In this post I would like to give 



ME – 2.0

26063116_10159734506385082_1485977940_oThe holidays are here and I find myself trying to look my best in all ways possible. It is not for people but really for myself. After this Fall semester and an intense 2 weeks of exams I felt that I had to treat myself.  I wanted my hair, nails, brows, skin, face clothes and shoes to be amazing and on fleek. I mean after all it is …



Staying Grateful 

22429411_10159392821910082_496717022_o I came across an old tag on YouTube called “The Thanksgiving Tag” and I thought it to be a great easy one to do for my channel. It’s Thanksgiving so why not? I can easily find a list of 50 things in my life that I am truly grateful for. So, I started and the first 5 was easy. I continued and I reached let us say around 15 and then I froze. I had nothing more…

The Truest of Beauties (3)“The pursuit of beauty is much more dangerous nonsense than the pursuit of truth or goodness, because it affords a greater temptation to the ego.” (Northrop Frye, Mythical Phase: Symbol as Archetype, 1957)

I just got my face done the other day for a friend’s YouTube channel where she was experimenting on how to do make up on other people. The outcome? Well …

A Plant Does not Grow Overnight

CaptureYou know that feeling where it seems that everyone around you is where they are supposed to be apart from you? Everyone around seems to be advancing and making progress. Yet, you have been stuck in this one stage without any success. Weeks, months, and years go by. You do not see the light at …


The Me Right Now

I don’t know what it is but there is an aura lingering in the air that we only perceive once we hit the second half of our twenty’s. Well for me at least. We start really wondering where am I going in life? Is it really going to …



Don’t Touch My Hair Indeed

I Know Who I Am… Do You?

Just Because We’re Magic Does Not Mean We’re Not Real

What’s Off?… I Think I Know!

What’s Off?

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