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Happy New Year! Aren’t we glad and blessed to have made it to 2018! I sure am! As normal, every new year we have a set of goals and resolutions we want to achieve by the end of year. Watch the video and i’ll share some of mine with you along with some pointers on how to make these goals and resolutions actually happen this year.

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I spotted people doing the Holiday Favorites Tag and found it quite interesting! So I partook in the mini trend. I just had to. Watch the video as I answer some questions about my most memorable holiday memories, how I decorate and what I do! Happy Holidays dears!


If you are not aware, I love chit chatting with acquaintances, friends and family. Controversial topics really get me going! On this Chit Chat series  I wondered whether the girls would keep an amazing pricey gift from an ex. Watch this video and find out what we thought about this topic and also about horrible Christmas gifts.


I love watching other people’s vlog and decided that I should make one as well. Here is my attempt at vlogging and will only get better at it. Watch the video and see how my first vlog went!


When you have African parents things can get quite interesting in the house. In this video I decided to share how it really is growing up African. I’m pretty sure many people will be able to relate. Watch the video and see if you’ve had similar experiences! If you have or have some unique ones of your own, do not be shy to comment what they are. It’s all just for laughs!


In this Chit Chat series we discuss the times when we got into little arguments with a friend or acquaintance and how far that went! It seems that some of us actually got physical !! Watch the video to see what actually happened!

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Odd to say how living underneath the same roof as your sister does not necessarily mean you completely know her. I would like to believe I know who my sister is and everything about her both inside and out. Watch this video and see if we really do know each other like that!








Modestly E – I’m modestly me! Take a look at my channel. I am all about chit chats, coffee and having some fun. So much of life is learnt through sharing. So here I share my modest life and opinions with you. Hope you enjoy!    ig-logo-email    YouTube-icon-400x400  fb-art